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Traditional Hand Made 2023

Hand-Made Iranian Traditinal Black tea
PICKING : Fine leaves , Hand-Picked
PROCESSING : Hand-Made Traditional method
ORIGIN : Iran , Guilan , Alisroud Village
SEASON : May 2023

TASTING NOTES : Green Grape Juice & fermented Fruits
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When tea leaves are Hand-rolled and processed, it is referred to as Handcrafted Artisanal Tea. Such teas are renowned worldwide and are often produced using traditional, time-honored methods, as the use of hands in the process signifies skill and expertise. Handcrafted teas have a strong reputation in Guilan, boasting a history of around 100 years, with many tea farmers engaging in this method. These teas generally exhibit superior quality compared to other Guilan tea productions and possess distinctive flavors and aromas. Handcrafting is reserved only for delicate and young tea leaves. Otherwise, this approach lacks logical justification. Older, dry, and thick leaves are typically processed by machines, whereas the young, delicate leaves are susceptible to risks associated with machine processing. Hand processing is time-consuming and labor-intensive, yet the result can be a highly refined and artisanal tea.

Traditional Hand-made tea in northern Iran is produced by tea farmers, and this production method has been passed down among Iranian tea producers for over a century. Each farmer's experience with their tea bushes and specific conditions has led to variations in the methods and distinctive stages of processing, setting apart one farmer's product from another.

This limited edition tea is produced by skilled farmers in the village of Alisaroud Lahijan upon the request of Lo. It offers you the experience of a different tea flavor and aroma, one deeply rooted in tradition. In this method, a portion of the young tea leaves from the garden is hand-picked and traditionally processed at home. Crafting traditional tea is laborious and time-consuming, with processing stages usually taking more than a day, making this tea both rare and available in very limited quantities each year.

If you are fond of the traditional tea flavor, you can savor the essence of this entirely handcrafted traditional tea and enjoy a unique experience.


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